This Is JBox.

No, this isn't some weird xbox spinoff, or some sort of riff on gmod.

it's a collection. A collection of dozens, maybe hundreds of ideas for things.

I tent to day dream about things a lot. What if I made a game, What if I could make a series about this, or a comic about that...

These thoughts stick around. They grow bigger and more complex as I add more and more onto them to keep myself entertained.

And since I like to believe that some day, I just might to gather all of these thoughts and squeeze them together into an actual, physical thing that people can see some day...

I've begun to yearn for some sort of journal, or text document, or SOMETHING I can dump all these ideas onto, so I won't lose them.

...I figured a website would be good enough for that.

On JBox I'll be finally dumping and organizing all of these ideas I've had rattling around my head for ages so I can finally point at something when people ask me "So what have you been working on?"

Consider this site to be like those other places made for compiling original characters and world building... but like, times 8. Because I come up with shit all the time.

It's all in my box. Justin's box.

Welcome to JBox.

Have fun rumaging around.